In de armen van Morpheus (2019)
Marc Schmidt
Associate Directors (België)
ABC Cinemien
Geselecteerd voor EAVE 2014
Jean Counet
Marcel de Hoog
Benny Jansen


It’s impossible not to surrender to sleep. The controllable world we are familiar with will sooner or later pass into the intangible and fleeting domain of sleep, in which we are subjected to a fundamentally different way of experiencing things. Things that can’t be logically explained. Perhaps we look for the opportunities we allow to slip by during the day? Or possibly at night we might even see a glimpse of the greater universe?

Marc Schmidt’s own nightmares confronted him with the possibility of not being in control of one’s own nocturnal experiences. The effects of his dreams lingered on well into the day, boundaries between being asleep and being awake were less sharp then he thought.

In the arms of Morpheus is an exploration of the domain of sleep, an attempt to penetrate the realm of the incomprehensible. It is a cinematographic experience you have to undergo, not unlike the inevitability of sleep, as a tribute to the significance of the fantastic aspects of our existence.

Marc Schmidt (1970) is an internationally acclaimed and award winning director of documentaries. His films qualify by connecting a very personal and intimate approach with philosophicval reflections. Matthew’s laws (2012) – about the mindset of his longtime autistic friend and his failed attempts to cope with the outside world – won the Grand Prix Visions du Réel (Nyon), and was the Best Feature Documentary in The Netherlands (Golden Calf).  The Chimpanzee Complex (2014) that depicts the impossibility to escape our human perspective by observing caretakers and chimpanzees in a rescue centre, premiered at CPH:DOX. His last documentaryGuards was a very well received and high rated broadcast.

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