STOP FILMING US by Joris Postema acquired by US distributor

Production company DOXY Films and distributor Video Project have found an agreement to release the documentary STOP FILMING US in North America.

Arlin Golden, director of operations and outreach at Video Project describes the film as “a really clever and effective way to engage with issues around decolonization.”

Can a Western filmmaker show anything of truth about the Democratic Republic of Congo? Or do Western ‘good intentions’ only cause destruction and frustration? While meeting three young artists from Goma who oppose the one-sided Western imagery, Joris Postema tries to discover the mutual preconceptions that are gripping them and us. Questions also arise about the perspective of the film itself: Is a white director able to make a film about Congolese imagery, or is it just another one-sided Western story? 

Video Project’s mission is to provide the best media programming available on critical social and global issues to classrooms and communities to help advance awareness and encourage action on the most important concerns of our times.

Since the Dutch release of Stop Filming Us in April, the film is available on the online platforms; Picl, Vitamine Cineville, Pathé Thuis, Vimeo on Demand, CineMember and the Belgian platform Dalton. International and national special screenings are being organized and insightful webinars are taking place with viewers and guests from around the world. Such as the upcoming events at the Africa Museum, University of Maastricht and the Irish organization Comhlámh. The film is part of the first Docs for Sale (IDFA) selection and the Netherlands Film Festival educational program.

The film is a great starting point to an honest and open conversation about our own preconceptions.

Stop Filming Us won the Dutch Movies Matter Award at the Movies that Matter Festival: “beautiful images and captivating dialogues have made for a fresh approach to a tricky topic. It is a multi-layered film with fantastic characters whom we get to know intimately in the most genuine way.”

“The film contributes to a serious discussion about the Western view on Congo” **** – Volkskrant

“It is a movie that matters, it makes you think.” **** – NRC 

Stop Filming Us is a discussion, and this discussion does not end with the film.” – STAND

STOP FILMING US is produced by DOXY in coproduction with EOdocs and supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, the Netherlands Production Incentive, NPO Fund and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

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