Five Shortcutz nominations for BIRDLAND

BIRDLAND is the directorial debut of Ashgan El-Hamus.

At the heart of the film is Skye, Joy’s 8-year-old tough daughter who wants to become the woman that her mother is. BIRDLAND covers one day in Skye’s trailerpark life, telling a story of living and being raised in freedom and the boundaries Skye seeks in it. While not a feminist pamphlet, Birdland is an honest ode to women and a timely tale about breaking taboos on typical women’s issues.

For Shortcutz Amsterdam, the annual awards ceremony for the best short films of new talents, BIRDLAND is nominated in 5 categories:

Mr Zee Best Film, Mr Zee Best Director, Mr Zee Best Screenplay, Mr Zee Best Cinematography and Mr Zee International Audience Award.

The awards ceremony is May 1.