Happy Days (2024)
Helena van der Meulen
Ineke Houtman


A family – father, mother, daughter – suddenly ceases to exist because of the suddendeparture of the father. To fill the void, all three instinctively search for a new unity to belongto. What follows is a journey to the final divorce, cutting through a wilderness of almostanimal emotions. But what is reality in it, and what is their imagination?

Motion picture

PA (2022)

PA is an at times hilarious portrait of a troubled father-son relationship. A feast of recognition for all middle-aged sons.

Paradijs (Paradise)

A cinematic portrait of a 17-year-old boy who is stuck with his young son, before he has even begun real life.

Sisyphus at Work (2021)

‘Sisyphus at Work’ is a film about the vitality of the imagination and a tribute to Cinema (and the Pointlessness).


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