The Mirror and the Window (2021)

Official selection
Envision competition
Best Dutch Film

Official selection
Ficunam Festival

Diego Gutiérrez
Coproducent Mexico
Daniela Alatorre & Elena Fortes, No Ficción
Creative Producer
Harmen Jalvingh
Janneke Doolaard


Two individuals in two different spots in the world ask filmmaker Diego Gutiérrez to film them; his best friend and his mother. They both know they have little time to live. They both try to explain themselves to themselves; the reasons, the purpose, and the trace of their path through this world.

The feeling of the impending end of their lives triggers a journey. A voyage to a place with no trail of human existence, to a possible vacuum of colour, sound, texture and smells. An attempt to visualize the nothing, to touch it.

While listening to his friend and to his mother, by mirroring in them and by being part of this journey, the filmmaker tries to get close to that which has no explanation. Why are we here? Is it worthwhile? Is it enough?

The Mirror and the Window is an expedition, an exorcism, a spell – as a preparation for the big leap into the void, in an attempt to understand what life is about.



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