Sailing on the Grass: ‘Swiss coast’ (2018)

Official selection
SeeMôr Short Film
Festival, Anglesey

Official selection
Noordelijk Film
Festival, Leeuwarden

Andrea Pellerani
Omrop Fryslân
Financial partners
Cultural Capital 2018
VluchtelingenWerk NL
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
Lukas de Kort
Sam du Pon
Andrea Pellerani
Nina Graafland
Noordelijk Film Festival 2018
Broadcast NPO2
24 & 25 November 2018


SWISS COAST is a portrait of two small-scale coastal fishermen from the Wadden Sea; Jan and Barbara. They supply us with food from nature by hand. A way of fishing that dates from prehistoric times. The film makes a connection between the Swiss Alps and the Wadden Sea: nutrients in the water from the mountains, are forming a healthy breeding ground for the oysters, mussels and fish that the fishermen couple catches in the Wadden Sea and then sells in Zurich. Amidst the overwhelming beauty of nature, on the border between land and sea, Jan and Barbara compel us to think, through the eyes of filmmaker Andrea Pellerani, about the relationship we humans have with nature. Nature is not separate from us, we are part of it. Everything we do has a direct effect on nature.


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