Sisyphus at Work (2021)
Ramón Gieling
Main cast
Johan Heldenbergh
Thekla Reuten
Hannah Hoekstra
Valentijn Dhaenens
Cécila Vos
Director, writer and editor
Ramón Gieling
Goert Giltay
Yanna Soentjens
Costume designer
Bernadette Corstens
Hair & Make-up
Marjon Hoogendoorn
Pim Veulings
Paul M. van Brugge
Production design
Jorien Sont
Design Studiosets
Thomas Rupert
Roos Veenkamp
Props master
Joke Geuze
Sound designer
Marc Lizier
Janneke Doolaard
Sylvia Baan
Line producer
Maarten van der Ven
Associate producer
Aso Productions, Mike Weerts
Savage Film, Bart van Langendonck
Johan Heldenbergh
Thekla Reuten
Hannah Hoekstra
Valentijn Dhaenens
Cécila Vos
Tessa Jonge Poerink
Marieke Heebink
Bart Slegers
Dic van Duin
Saskia Temmink
Vincent Rietveld
Netherlands Film Fund
Netherlands Film Production Incentive
Brabant C Fund
Gemeente 's Hertogenbosch
Tax Shelter België
Stichting Abraham Tuschinski Fond
Het Eindhovens Cultuurfonds
Creative partners
MicroLab Eindhoven
Strijp-S Beheer
Bazelmans Audio


Filmdirector Boy Talma returns to his hometown after having lived in New York for 7 years to shoot his new musical film, inspired by Albert Camus’ ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’.
At the start of his film, Boy finds out that he has only nine months left to live. He decides to keep his death sentence a secret, even to his wife Zelda. The scenes he imagines for his ‘musical film’ begin to coincide with his own life. Friends, enemies and loved ones are given a role in his fantasized film.
More and more Boy is losing himself in the abyss between fiction and reality, while in a special friendship with the lonesome daughter of his deceased assistant, thirteen-year-old Virginia, he makes a final, rebellious journey.
At the wrap party of his film, which he completed in his imagination, he is the only one who must stay after midnight.


Motion picture

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Sisyphus at Work (2021)

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