The Eels Journey
Hans Dortmans
Financial partner


Expedition leaders and scientists obsessively try to find the spawning grounds of the eel for centuries, and all hope to be the first to reveal the mystery of its reproduction. What will it mean for the eel, threatened in the wild and considered a popular folk food at the same time, that the puzzle is finally being solved?

Our search for the origin of the eel is a reflection on our motives to manipulate nature. Where does protecting stops and exploitation of nature begins?




Stop Filming Us (2020)

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” (Anaïs Nin)

In the arms of Morpheus (2019)

An exploration of the fantastic and uncontrollable elements of our existence

Unpaved road to peace (2019)

Caldono was one of the most besieged villages of the war in Colombia. Now the FARC guerrillas return to their former hometown. What’s stronger: the urge for revenge…

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