PA (2022)
PA (2022)


Daan, a 38 year old journalist, avoids all the difficult decisions in his life. When his elderly father shows up on his doorstep one day to move in with him, the chaos is complete. But when his newspaper editor asks him to write columns about the care for his father, his dad unexpectedly becomes a gain instead of a burden. With unexpected consequences.

Motion picture

PA (2022)

PA is an at times hilarious portrait of a troubled father-son relationship. A feast of recognition for all middle-aged sons.

Paradijs (Paradise)

A cinematic portrait of a 17-year-old boy who is stuck with his young son, before he has even begun real life.

Sisyphus at Work (2021)

‘Sisyphus at Work’ is a film about the vitality of the imagination and a tribute to Cinema (and the Pointlessness).

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