Natural born farmers (2016)
Jack Janssen
Financial partner
Hans Bouma
Chris van Oers
4 Jan 2015
55 min.


The family business of John and Anita Klaver from Hollands Kroon in The Netherlands is deeply rooted on Dutch farmer tradition; averse to all legislation, totally independent, and connected with their land. At the same time, the members of the Klaver family are modern farmers, open for the latest developments. Over seven years ago John launched his plan for a new stable, which could station 700 cows. From blade of grass to cheese, everything under their own control. A regional product John wants to be proud of. 

But not only the environmental- and animal care movements stand up, also his neighbour Mira is not happy with the expanding. That’s why she files several complaints. What follows is an endless case about the necessary building permits.  

Natural born farmers shows us that a farming business causes difficulties in a small country like The Netherlands. All the strict rules and regulations are driving these entrepreneurs crazy. The film also shows how magic farmer live still can be, for this generation and the next. Natural Born Farmers is a dynamic and often funny portrait of a modern farmer.



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