Mostar’s Betting Shop (2024)
Sergej Kreso
Janneke Doolaard
Sylvia Baan
Harmen Jalvingh


In a city divided by war, faith is used in a small betting shop to gain control of God’s will. A film about the human urge to escape one’s own responsibilities by using a higher power for one’s personal goals.

This film is part of ‘The Ten Commandments’, a series of ten films in co-production with the EO.


My Maysoon (2022)

A story of hope, doubt and silence of a Syrian refugee family after losing their youngest daughter in the Mediterranean Sea.

Stop Filming Us but Listen (2022)

STOP FILMING US BUT LISTEN takes a closer look at the imbalance of power inherited from colonialism and its consequences on the representation of The Democratic Republic of…

De Onverzadigbaren (The Insatiables) (2024)

A personal film about the fear of the inner void, in which Marc Schmidt examines the unfathomable darkness of his father.


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