My Genius Brother Harry (2012)
Roy Dames
Financial partner
Jos Driessen
Jules van den Steenhoven, Roy Dames, Adri Schrover
Sound & Sound editing
Marcel de Hoogd
Wiebe de Boer
Colour correction
David van Tetering
Executive producer
Sylvia Baan
Commissioning editor EO
Floor Koomen
Janneke Doolaard


A touching but also confronting portrait by Roy Dames about the short life of his deceased elder brother Harry, who did not want to be entitled to be genius, but was. In the seventies Harry studied astronomy and worked for NASA on a project about Jupiter, when a braintumor struck him. Roy has looked up to his brother whole his life. He can’t hold a candle to him, but he can act in his spirit and do well. It means that Roy decides to film bums, prostitutes and alcoholics. He goes far. To far maybe, it threatens even his downfall.



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