Matties (2022)
Matties (2022)
Maarten Lebens
Ineke Houtman
Annemarie Siemons
Michiel Reichwein
(Financiële) partners
Nederlands Filmfonds
Telefilm 2022
Janneke Doolaard
Leading role
Shad Issa Abdullh
Estefanio Pinas
Ashraf Benkaddour
Yassine el Hamdani
Abdellah Âdmi
Dinyah Salem
Rian Gerritsen
Hicham Khayale
Nora el Koussour
Zenna Noudari


Ilias is twelve years old and lives in Amsterdam. His mother Noor works at the tramway, his father Ismael is a garage owner. Ilias’ parents love him very much but are busy with their work so he is often on his own. His adult sisters already live on their own.
Ilias’ big hero is Younes. Younes is seventeen years old and is a youth worker at the community center. Despite the age difference, the boys spend a lot of time together. For example, Ilias learns from Younes that if he wants to achieve something, he has to have focus. One day they bake pancakes together at the community center. Karima and Rachid, friends of Ilias, are there too. Bruno, one of the older boys in the neighborhood, walks in and grabs a pancake. Naturally, that’s not the purpose of the pancakes and Younes and Bruno almost have an argument about it. Then Bruno gets a call. He disappears from sight, something is clearly wrong. Ilias follows him and asks him what’s going on. Bruno is in trouble. Ilias can help him by delivering an envelope. He will get 50 euros for it. Ilias is deeply impressed, takes the money and the envelope. Later, when Younes sees him with the envelope, he immediately takes it away.
That night Younes is shot dead. It turns out to be a mix-up, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ilias is completely confused and grieves. We see him struggling with how to cope. He increasingly isolates himself from his parents, friends and school. Bruno manages to get him involved when he is unstable. He poses as his new mate and asks him to help deliver bags filled with white powder. Ilias already spent the 50 euros he received earlier on a beautiful necklace for his mother. The fact that he didn’t really “work” for that money means that, according to Bruno, he has a debt towards him. To repay that debt, he has to deliver the bags.
Karima, the girl he likes and who likes him as well, wants a nice phone… and Ilias takes on more and more jobs.
Slowly Ilias comes to understand the world around him and gains the focus that his friend Younes was always aiming for. In the end, he makes a brave choice, coming face to face with Bruno and confronting him with his choices.

Motion picture
Youth documentary

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