Here we move, here we groove (2020)
Sergej Kreso
Wiro Felix
Kees de Groot
Alex Booy
Gys Zevenbergen
Sound design & mixage
Alex Booy
Robert Soko
..and many more
Financial partners
Netherlands Film Fund
NPO Fund
Creative Europe MEDIA
ERT Greece


By mixing his Balkan roots with Western beats, Robert Soko, a Yugoslav refugee, discovered a way to create a new identity: DJ and ‘founding father’ of the Balkan Beats, with which he managed to get thousands of people worldwide in ecstasy. But now that the world around him is changing, Robert Soko has to search for a new way to adjust again. He is looking for new connections to the music of the new generation of refugees that are currently coming to Europe. Just like him twenty years ago, they are looking for a way to survive. The only question now is whether the heavily changed Europe of today still has an open mind for these kinds of musical impulses.



In the arms of Morpheus (2019)

An exploration of the fantastic and uncontrollable elements of our existence

Stop Filming Us (2020)

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” (Anaïs Nin)

Unpaved road to peace (2019)

Caldono was one of the most besieged villages of the war in Colombia. Now the FARC guerrillas return to their former hometown. What’s stronger: the urge for revenge…

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