Camino, a feature length selfie

Official selection

Martin de Vries
Ulrike Mischke
RealEyes Media
Periscoop Film
IFFR 2019
90 min.


From France to Spain in 70 days. 1600 km. This famous pilgrimage is undertaken by a growing number of people from around the world. Without any preconceived idea, Martin de Vries makes a daily recording to document his state of mind. Upon his return home, these recordings turn out to fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. Experience the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in a pure and compelling way: be in the moment while accompanying Martin de Vries on his journey.

Long documentary

Here we move, here we groove

‘The question is not whether you like chances or not, but how you deal with it.’ –  Robert Soko

Camino, a feature length selfie

Martin de Vries makes a 70-day journey on foot to Spain, an adventure which he records on his iPhone in an attempt to take stock of his life.

The Final Tour – Freek de Jonge (2019)

Dutch comedian Freek de Jonge wants to make one last overwhelming show that once again makes the public return.

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