Birdland (2020)
Birdland (2020)
Director & screenplay
Ashgan El-Hamus
Financial partners
The Netherlands Film Fund
Director of photography
Sam du Pon
Art director
Clara Bragdon
Tessel de Vries
Koos van der Vaart
Main cast
Frieda Barnhard
Fay Vekemans
Janneke Doolaard
Sylvia Baan


BIRDLAND is an intimate and moving film about a daughter and a mother in a trailerpark on the outskirts of a city. The heart of the film is Skye, the tough 8-year-old daughter of Joy. Skye desires to be older and more mature, just like her mother.

She wants it so badly that in one day she tries to become her mother, copying everything she does to try and become the woman that her mother is.

Birdland tells a story about life and upbringing in freedom and the limits that Skye seeks in it. Although not a feminist pamphlet, Birdland is an ode to women and a story about breaking taboos on typical women’s subjects.



Birdland (2020)

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