Amsterdam-based film production company DOXY lays emphasis on producing quality films of all manifestations – from a ‘feature length selfie’ to (drama) series and the more ‘traditional’ documentary. We’ve also broadened our playing field with sports related films. Our starting point is to combine a relevant subject with an original visual style, reflecting a curious, critical and inspired eye on our society.
Our team has been active in film production for years. Recent titles include Sheltered (Dierbaren) by Saskia Gubbels (IDFA 2020, Visions du Réel 2021), Stop Filming Us by Joris Postema (Dutch Movies Matter Award 2020, Nomination Prix Europa 2020), Chrystal Film-winner Camino, a feature length selfie bij Martin de Vries. The releases of Sisyphus at Work (Ramon Gieling), Here we move here we groove (Sergej Kreso) and The mirror and the window (Diégo Gutierrez) are planned for 2021.
CEO/Producer Janneke Doolaard is graduated from EAVE in 2014, Producer on the Move during Cannes in 2016 and member of the board of Netherlands Audiovisual Producers Alliance (NAPA).
DOXY works together with the Dutch (regional) Funds, broadcasters, distributors and film and festival platforms such as IDFA Forum and Film Forum NYC, and with renowned foreign producers, distributors, sales agents, funds and broadcasters such as ITVS, Sundance Institute, Creative Europe, Royal Film Commission of Jordan, Enjaaz (Dubai) and VAF. DOXY productions are purchased by the European TV stations, Al Jazeera, RTHK (China) and HBO.

Our team

Harmen Jalvingh

Harmen Jalvingh has worked on more than fifty international documentaries in recent decades, such as; "Bloody Mondays & Strawberry Pies" and "Parts of a family". Harmen has been working at Doxy since 2014. Patiently, critically and with expert knowledge, he guides directors in developing ideas and co-writes on projects. He knows how to translate ideas into coherent documentary plans. He is also a national information provider co-productions for the European Documentary Network.

Sylvia Baan

Janneke Doolaard

CEO / Producer of DOXY Janneke Doolaard is active in quality cinema and television production since 2004. She was delegated as Producer on the Move representing The Netherlands during Cannes International Film Festival in 2016, and is a member of European Producers Network EAVE.

Matthijs van de Laar

Emma Kuijper

Arthur van den Boogaard

There is one common theme in the life and work of the graduated economist and philosopher Arthur van den Boogaard, it is his love for the narrative side of sports. For almost twenty-five years he has been working as a journalist for the Dutch newspaper 'Het Parool'; reviewing sport books for the newspaper. As a theatre maker he co-created the 'Sport Monologues', which is now also a television program. He published the cutting-edge anthology 'Sport', and collected the best stories from Dutch cycling literature. For the cycling magazine 'De Muur', Arthur has written the special called 'Slipstroom' and wrote the long-running series about the craft of football writing for the magazine 'Hard Gras’ called 'Football and the art of writing'. He has also published two books; the book 'Zo Speelden Wij' and his latest book 'Het laatste seizoen: het andere gezicht van Johan Cruijff'. He first contributed to Doxy with the film ‘Becoming Zlatan’ and is now still contributing in creating various sport projects at Doxy.

Annemarie Siemons

Hans de Wolf

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